Custom Harness Cable Assembly

Video Robotics has carved a solid reputation with its customers and is proud to have been recognized as a top quality source for custom harness cable assemblies for over 15 years.

Video Robotics has maintained standards of excellence that have earned premiere program status, such as for Boeing’s Chinook -47 landing gear harnesses.

Why Choose Video Robotics?

  • Over 35 years engineering
  • Price competitive
  • Specializing in difficult-to-automate harnesses
  • Proven management staff
  • Proven production quality systems
  • Vast supply chain
  • Spot Buys, LTAs, Blanket-orders
  • Small-medium lot production quantities
  • Harness Cable Assembly

    • IPC-A-620 Certified
    • Advanced in-house fixturing
    • Tooling for various connectors
    • Microscopic soldering
    • Braiding
    • Testing
    • Sub-miniature connector assembly
    • Heatshrink
    • Potting – Vacuum degassing and temperature controlled
    • Marking and Packaging

    Certification and Software

    • AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001 Certified by NSF-ISR
    • ITAR Registered
    • E2 Shop Systems - Fully Integrated
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System